well hey there!

I’m Mattie and I’m so glad you’re here! I’m just an ordinary mama with a passion for painting and creating extraordinary art. When I’m not in my studio, I’m either packing lunches, driving my girls to school, hitting up a yoga class, or cleaning my house (while listening to an audio book, of course). I’m thrilled you stopped by!

I’m a self-taught abstract artist from the Midwest who made Tennessee my home in 2012.  My artwork is best known for it’s striking use of contrast and fluid designs.

Growing up, I spent my summers on a small island in Lake Michigan, and my love for the water inspires much of my creative process. From brushes, palette knives, and blow dryers to squeegees, sponges, and blow torches, I use a variety of tools to accomplish my artistic vision. By painting with acrylic and inks, I hope to reflect God’s goodness and the splendor of his creation and to inspire and encourage others through that lens.

I really enjoy experimenting with new media, and creating art with my two young daughters is a favorite pastime. I’m married to Justin, and we call Franklin, TN home.

I asked Mattie to create 10 individual pieces of art, and she not only beautifully made my vision come to life, but she listened to what I really wanted.

Whitney, IL