Mattie was SUCH a pleasure to work with. I asked Mattie to create 10 individual pieces of art, and she not only beautifully made my vision come to life, but she listened to what I really wanted. Mattie worked diligently to find the perfect colors for my art pieces, and we went back and forth multiple times because she wanted my artwork to be just perfect. Mattie was patient, and truly wanted me to love my art pieces. I gave these away as gifts to my team, and each team member was blown away by how beautiful her artwork was. I would HIGHLY recommend working with Mattie if you are thinking about commissioning a piece or artwork. She is the best!

Whitney, IL

Mary, IL

We are very thrilled to have several pieces of Second Story Art paintings done by Mattie Wolf. They all look wonderful in our old home, complimenting our antique furniture and art. Each piece seems right at home here. They are truly beautiful. The colors are strong and rich. However it is the feeling these works emote which is their finest quality. Our guests are always drawn to them; one lady said, “They speak to me.” They really do. Mattie is a gifted artist.

Gretchen, TN

Knowing Mattie personally and getting to work with her on a professional level over the past year, I have seen how her careful thought, creativity, and attention to detail translates beautifully onto her canvases. But her art reaches much further than that, captivating hearts and bringing glory to God through each piece’s caption, her personal testimony, and her beaming joy. Her art is a lovely reflection of her and of God’s goodness.

Chris, TN

I bought one of Mattie’s paintings, a beautiful angel, at a recent show. The painting is truly mesmerizing, a classic theme with a contemporary style that is both tranquil and interesting. I love it!

Ashley, TN

I love your painting! It is hanging with two pictures that my great grandmother brought back from England in the ‘40s. Love love love that yours is the focal point of the dining room and it is the first thing people see when they come to our home.

ingrid, mi

Mattie’s paintings look beautiful in any room of the house. Each one is unique and has special meaning, which is why I love having them in my home.

Your painting really looks amazing in our entryway!

Graham, tn